Share your sightings with us

Mysterious light sightings can be so bizarre or frightening that eyewitnesses are reluctant to share their experiences.

Discussing the Marfa lights with people, we've discovered untold stories of mysterious lights  lights that don't "fit the description" of the Marfa lights, or weren't where the Marfa lights are "supposed to be" (on the southside of US67/90). Some sightings were so unusual that their witnesses only shared their experiences with close family members.
Like the lights we investigated in Mysteries of the Marfa Lights Revealed, experiences, like the Mysterious Light Sigtings on the right, beg for scientific/technical explanations.
Do you have a mysterious lights experience you'd like to share?
If so, we'd like to hear it!  Please e-mail us at
The more detailed your description, the better. So don't hesitate to include seemingly irrelevant information, such as the make, model, and year of the vehicle you were driving if you saw the light as you drove. 
While ideal reports would include the items listed below, none of the sightings we've discovered was ideal. That's the nature of mysterious lights. So use the criteria below as a guide, and e-mail us with whatever information you have about your mysterious lights encounter.
  • Description of the light’s appearance: size, shape, color, and movement (Photographs or a video of the light would be ideal.)
  • Were any other lights visible? Could you see the stars or moon or ranch lights or vehicle lights?
  • Precise statements about your location, the direction of the view, and the date and time of the observation
  • Details about recent weather events and current weather conditions such as temperature, pressure, humidity, wind direction and speed, as well as whether atmospheric particulates (smoke, haze, or dust) were present.