— Marfa lights story 1

Place: Marfa Lights Viewing Center

Date: March 13, 2015

Time: 10 p.m.–midnight


We were there on March 13, 2015 about 10 p.m. and saw the lights immediately. We watched them for about 45 minutes and then they went away.  The traffic on the highway did not stop but the lights stopped.  About 11:30 p.m. they started up again and we watched them for about 30 more minutes then left. 


It was chilly out, estimating maybe around 40 degrees, and it was partly cloudy.  At one point it barely sprinkled for a few minutes.  Sometimes the stars were bright and brilliant and sometimes some of them were covered by some clouds in the area.  I do not believe there was much wind.  


The direction we were looking at is south and southwest direction.  There is also a blinking red light out there that you are probably aware of, (a tower most likely), and a lot of activity occurred above and to the left and right of the blinking red light and the rest of the activity occurred farther to the right of the blinking red light.


The colors of the lights were red, white, orange, and sometimes a yellowish white.  They moved back and forth, sometimes up and down.  Sometimes they would stay in the same spot and start out very faint then start growing in brightness and size very quickly then start shrinking a little and then just disappear.  They would stay still for awhile then a red one would move towards a white one and completely cover it for a few seconds then move back off of it.  Then all of a sudden 4 small faint lights would appear along the same plane as the bright red and white light.  It was lined up like 1 small red light, the bright red light, another small red light, the bright white light, then 2 more small red lights.  It was just a lot of unidentified activity like I just described that we witnessed that night.


It doesn't make sense that the lights would completely stop at about 10:45 p.m. then come back very actively at about 11:30 p.m. if it were traffic. I don't believe the lights I saw were cars.  If they were cars they would be doing the same thing every time and these lights did all kinds of unusual and abnormal things.  Nothing consistent with cars moving on the highway from a distance.



Janis H.