— Marfa lights story 2

Place: Marfa Lights Viewing Center
Date: December 28, 2008
Time: Twilight, just after sunset

My husband and I were visiting the Marfa Lights Viewing Center on the evening of December 28, 2008.  We’d staked out a place on one of the bench-type markers on the south-east side and prepared to watch the stars come out.


My husband went back to the truck to stow some gear.  And, I stared out across the plain to the south.  The mountains were no longer visible in that direction.  I spotted a star in the area I thought was just west of Goat Mountain. I also saw several ranch lights appear in the distance. 


As I looked at the most westerly of these lights (the one directly south of our location), I thought I saw it move up and to the right then back to the left and down. I saw this several times before my husband returned. In fact, at one point, as I heard him coming down the gravel path, I swore the light looked as if it were coming at me – like someone was in the field out there with a bluish flashlight. It was spooky and scary!  I knew it HAD to be a ranch light – but it had come alive and was moving!

I pointed the light out to my husband.  He was not able to see the movement that had been SO clear to me.  Too bad!  It was really fascinating!

I wonder if there are other Marfa light observers who have seen moving lights like the one I saw.

Julie A.